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Since everyone is shedding light on Sam Pepper for all of his sexual harassment towards women in his videos, I think we need to visit a topic that has never really been fully brought to everyone’s attention. Which is Shane Dawson.

Aside from his obvious blackface:




You know what I think? I think everyone who’s wearing a diaper can click off his videos and cry in their playpen. Comedys sole purpose is to make people laugh…. a JOKE is literally the opposite of being serious……. If you can’t separate a joke from a racial slur or actual statement, don’t watch any kind of comedy… ever. Good comedy is always vulgar but honest (sometimes even brutally) and people who get offended are the ones who really don’t get comedy so why try to be apart of it or its audience? Its not to be taken serious. Black people fuck around and make fun of white people all day and all night, no one posts blogs about it, no one shares videos on it, no one gives two flying fucking shits. Because its funny. Like every other sketch making fun of a race should be. FUNNY. When its minorities people get super offended. Guess what, those stereotypes exist??? Its life.
Comedy is taken from real life scenarios and dramatized to add that element of funny. You wanna do something for equal rights? You actually give a real shit about oppression and the unfair stereotypes both minorities and majorities have to face? Go get yourself a nice lil suit (male or female) and gather tons of people together in a rally and stand behind a nice podium and preach how unfair life is because stereotypes are used as a form of comedy. Sort of relates to slapstick comedy… You watch ridiculousness? People actually get genuinely hurt in those videos that we all laugh at yet does anyone say its “offensive” to anyone?? Well it could be offensive to the person who got fucked up in the video? Do we say things about that? No. You wanna know why? Its meant for laughter and its not supposed to be taken seriously. Its called COMEDY. Its called FUNNY.
Get over yourself. Acting like some righteous fucking activists who sits their lazy ass behind a computer talking shit about someone who makes videos to make people laugh. There are worse problems with oppression in this country. Shane Dawson is not contributing to that. Its worse to treat minorities like their some sort of CHILD or baby that can’t handle a joke about their own kind. A lot of white people listen to country. TRUE OR FALSE? A lot of black people listen to hip hop or r&b. TRUE OR FALSE? A lot of spanish people listen to salsa. TRUE OR FALSE? A lot of indian people eat curry and are hindu. TRUE OR FALSE? IS THAT RACIST???? Am I oppressing an entire group by stating a fact about each???? Do I treat them differently because of it? Do I exclude people of a different race from being my potential friend/partner because of it? Am I saying they shouldn’t be on the same level as me? Or that they shouldn’t get the same jobs as me? Or shouldn’t be spoken to with the same level of respect as me? (I’m spanish by the way, so this comes from another minority.)  Its ok to make fun of our traits. Its ok to laugh at our own kind as well as other kinds. Its what makes people human. Being able to laugh at ourselves and others, and vise versa. Way too many people are sensitive and they don’t even have a decent excuse as to why. Then they love to go and attack and pin point all the “questionable” or “offensive” things other people do, especially in the name of comedy.
Enough is enough. Get the fuck over yourselves. You take things way too seriously, especially comedy which is the one thing thats made NOT to be serious. Am I fucking crazy here?!??!?!?!

*SNL has this hilarious sketch called black jeopardy. Offensive to a lot of people Im assuming but there was no outrage there? There were no articles and no uproar by the media and social media. Its a show thats comedic, after all, right??? Just jokes and laughs, is it a bad thing if some of it is true? Does it make it any less funny? If not it makes it more funny because people can actually relate! Get a new issue to tackle people, one that can really make a difference in this country. 

I find myself

getting chills and nearly crying every time I watch a scene where a Disney classic movie performs a song. It just brings me back to that carefree time of being a child, not knowing any of life’s scary realities or carrying that burden of grown up responsibility. It was such an innocent and magical time where anything seemed possible. Disney movies brought me into a world full of adventure, beauty, and warm life lessons. Today we pick apart those same movies and seem to lose the imagination we once had when we first would watch them. I cherish those times and hold them so close to my heart. I thank God I still have a piece of my inner child left and I don’t think it will ever go away. I enjoy the silly jokes and cheesy heartfelt songs. I love the cartoony stories. I love getting lost in a world of make believe and the funny thing is I actually do believe it. I believe life is as beautiful as a Disney movie. As long as we never lose our inner child.



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